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-----Original Message-----
From: Suzi Schwerhand
To: 'jmchugh@forbes.com'
Sent: 5/14/99 8:58 AM
Subject: hotter than the Internet

Hi Josh,

I hope you'll consider this compelling market story for Forbes. I'm
contacting you on behalf of Network Icebox , who Merrill Lynch has
heralded as "next major computing company." We would like to meet with
you in-person to introduce the company and discuss your interest in our

Given the bubble economy of many Internet companies, where is the real
show-me-the-revenue? Network Icebox (NASDAQ: NICE) is at the cross
section of two hot markets that benefit from the Internet: storage and

I hope you agree that NetIce is a company worth getting to know. I look
forward to hearing your interest and availability.

Thanks for your time.

Suzi Schwerhand
Hyperactive Public Relations, Inc.

-----Original Message-----
From: Josh McHugh
To: Suzi Schwerhand@hypr.com
Sent: 5/17/99 1:07 PM
Subject: Re: resend: hotter than the Internet


I already wrote a story about Network Icebox .


Josh McHugh

>>> Suzi Schwerhand <Suzi Schwerhand@hypr.com> - 5/17/99 1:37 PM >>>
I'm not aware of this story. I just re-checked via the Forbes web site
search engine and cross-referenced all the articles you've written.

As much as I hate to be contrarian, maybe you are confusing Network
Icebox with another tech vendor whose name is similar?

Please let me know.


-----Original Message-----
From: Josh McHugh
To: Suzi Schwerhand@hypr.com
Sent: 5/17/99 3:57 PM
Subject: Re: RE: resend: hotter than the Internet


Yes, I am sure I wrote about Network Icebox . Don't worry, you're not
a contrarian--you just didn't look enough. You should check the Network
Icebox website. The piece I wrote is referenced in the news archives


"200 Best Small Companies in America:Best 200 in 2000, Forbes November
3, 1997"

Now you know.

>>> Suzi Schwerhand <Suzi Schwerhand@hypr.com> - 5/17/99 4:22 PM >>>
I guess this article pre-dates my work (and most of my colleagues' here)
with Network Icebox . Given this was almost two years ago, would you
consider meeting with them now? The storage market is very topical and
strategic to the Internet -- its growth potential should appeal to Forbes
readers. We're not looking for a corporate profile from you, but I'm
interested in your feedback re: a potential trend or market story.


-----Original Message-----
From: Josh McHugh [mailto:jmchugh@forbes.com]
Sent: Monday, May 17, 1999 4:47 PM
To: Suzi Schwerhand@hypr.com
Cc: sroberts@etranslate.com; BUpbin@forbes.com
Subject: Re: RE: RE: resend: hotter than the Internet


I apologize sincerely for writing the piece 18 months ago, before your and
your colleagues' work with Network Icebox began, and have been happy to
provide you with hard-to-get research on Network Icebox 's website.
Thanks for the tip on the topical and strategic relevance of the storage
market to the Internet.
I'm relieved that you and yours aren't looking for a corporate profile from
me. Thank you for that! Please let me know what a potential trend or market
story is.
-Josh McHugh

I don't know you well enough to gauge this, but your email seemed awfully
sarcastic. I know you're a terribly busy editor at Forbes, so I don't want
to waste your time, Josh.

That said, I can't tell whether you are really interested in talking to
Network Icebox or not. My original email outlined some angles for a
market/trend/feature, so I can only assume your interest was not piqued by
these ideas. Or do you want me to define what I mean by a feature? : - )

BTW, thanks for increasing the audience of our back and forths. I'm sure
sroberts and bupbin are keenly awaiting the next installment of our email


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