3/13/00 The results is in.

The votes have been tallied.

Spurred perhaps by recent privacy-scandalmongering in the popular (and the merely compulsory) press, those who want to keep the identities behind our scarecrows concealed have triumphed narrowly over those who would unmask the hapless perpetrators of these crimes against sense, sensibility and syntax.

The score:
71 votes to reveal identities
73 votes to let them remain obscured

Therefore, we'll keep on coming up with pseudonyms for these poor fools, for the time being, at least.

The original poll:

Hang 'em high? Or let 'em lie?

Here's the thing:

In Rogues' Gallery, we display some very bad stuff. But so far, we've obscured the names of the perpetrators and their employers. Some buzz warriors have sent email to the effect that, since we shield these offenders from the glare of public scrutiny, our Saw is toothless. After several drunken slap-fights, we still haven't come to a conclusion. So help us decide; vote in our poll.

should we:

Expose their identities
Pity the fools